November 28, 2022

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Meet DVNTY, and The DVNTY Group of brands, defining the

DVNTY® Life Without Limits

Meet DVNTY: Created for men seeking to increase every aspect of life, body, mind, and soul.

We view DVNTY, and all its members, as the family of brothers we get to choose whom choose us back.”

— Eli van der Brooks

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 18, 2022 / — Due to the decay in the nuclear family and lack of male presence in the household, many men have begun to turn toward men’s organizations for support. They throw camping trips, foster male bonding, and alleviate loneliness.

But all of these so-called “men’s groups” seemed to be lacking a few things: integrity, innovation, and influence.
In comes Eli van der Brooks, a Harvard-trained psychology expert and therapist, and his business partners. They believed they could do better.

They created DVNTY, and The DVNTY Group of brands, to offer what they call Lifestyle Architecture™ (and with it, a plethora of concierge lifestyle services) to those men seeking to increase every aspect of life, body, mind, and
soul. Only, these young entrepreneurs infuse everything they manifest with a spark of exclusivity.

Prominently featuring The God’s Head IconTM emblazoned on all their goods exclusively for members, their motto: “Life without limits.” So, it’s no surprise that in partnering with big names such as Adidas, The Trump Organization, and Vista Global that these gentlemen and their clients are in great company.

You can reach them at:

Pierre Subh
X Network, A Forbes 30 Under 30 Marketing Firm
+1 305-497-9485
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